Itis estimated over 100 million travelers that visit the Florida area on ayearly basis. They come from all over the world mostly from the US mainland.The main area that they choose as a travel destination is central Floridanamely the city of Orlando. There visits bring large sums of capital most ofwhich is in the form of Hotel Taxes, service taxes and consumer tax. This keepsthe property taxes also known in the real estate industry as Ad Valurom taxes.These taxes keep the local economy strong as well a healthy governmentinfrastructure that gives its resident great service in government, utility andcommon areas are in pristine condition. In return we have a healthy realestate market and as a home owner you will benefit from holding your propertyvalue at great market value. This makes central Florida a great area to buy orsell your home as well a great area to call home. Looking at buying or sellingyour home we are here to service all your real estate needs and visit us at Guy& or you canvisit our Facebook Business Page to see more of the local activities of thecentral Florida real estate market and many places of interest at